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The Top of Slots independent slot games charts are provided to you by IGC Services. They are published monthly on this website. If you are interested in algorithms, source data, rules and weekly top slots charts, you are welcome to visit – our partner site, where more lists are published.

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Why Top of Slots?

The reason of us creating these charts is simple – there is no objective way of determining what slots are the best. There is a vast number of casino advertising sites who all promote the slots that they believe they will get most profit from. The same goes for online casinos that are offering games from selected slots suppliers.

No matter if you are working with casino online or playing slots, you have no chance of understanding the real popularity of the games, unless you have an access to statistics. As casinos online would not publish the data on slots turnover, even the industry professionals have a biased views on which slots online are performing the best, as the performance stats is affected by exposure of games on the site they get data from.

How does it work?

The way we collect the data that helps us with creating Top of Slots is simple. We follow a number of best online casinos with slots on weekly basis. The slots get points based on the position in the menu and/or on start page, in a similar way as the points in Eurovision Song Contest get distributed. Then we assign a certain coefficient to online casinos, based on their popularity. We assume that the better positions the slots receive, the better they perform.

The methodology can and should be criticized, as many other factors play in, such as the contractual terms between casinos and suppliers and suspected incompetence of casino managers. We do not claim that this list gives a perfect understanding of slots. What we hope is to provide you with a good analysis tool. If you like playing slots, you will get a decent indication on what the others are playing.

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No table games

Our Top of Slots does not include any exclusive slots. Such slots, just as table games such as roulette and blackjack, affect the charts indirectly, as they are taken into consideration, when determining the ranking points. They are, however, removed from the final top list. Another rule is that we do not include the slots, unless they are among Top 10 at at least two online casinos that are independent from each other (i.e. not the part of the same group).

Start viewing Top of Slots

The monthly lists of the best slots online that you can view below have started being compiled in January 2016. We use 30 most popular casinos in Scandinavia when working on the charts. Top of Slots is, however, a good tool for marketing managers and players from all over the world, as Scandinavia tends to be at the forefront of gaming in many ways. A clear proof for this is the success of NetEnt in the UK. If you are interested in the UK slots, feel free checking the monthly UK top list that we publish since July on

Select the month you are interested in and start analyzing the performance of slots. Starting from February 2016, the list includes Last Month column. Apart from that, we also compile a monthly Supplier Top that you can find in our main menu.

We hope you will like our Top of Slots and get back to us on monthly basis or whenever you need some data about slots. If you have any suggestions, questions or comments regarding this project, you are more than welcome to get in touch with us by sending an email to

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